The Albyn School History Department aim to ensure that all pupils enjoy their study of the past and develop a greater understanding and appreciation of different cultures, countries, events and periods. With the ethos that ‘we cannot understand our present without first understanding our past’, our pupils will learn about keys stages throughout history which have impacted our world today. This knowledge can aid pupils in a variety of career paths they may choose, particularly law, politics and the arts.


Within the History course, pupils at all years are encouraged to explore the very best classic and contemporary historical fiction to ignite their historical imaginations and develop empathy with people in the past. Wherever possible, links are made with current global issues to ensure that pupils have a sound general knowledge not just of the past but of contemporary debates and conflicts.


Topics covered in this course include:

  • Europe of the Dictators 1918-41
  • Medieval Realms’
  • The Growth of UK Democracy
  • The Search for International Peace


All pupils are taught investigative skills to encourage them to delve deeper into a topic through additional reading, listening and watching resources, and later on in Upper School will be offered the chance to go on historical fact-finding trips to places such as Russia to enrich their learning.


The Department runs extra-curricular clubs such as The History and Archaeology Club and the History Book Club according to pupil interests and demand. We also work closely with the School’s Literary and Debating Society, providing them with historical topics to research and discuss.


Using what they have learned in this course many of our pupils have gone on to study degrees such as History, International Politics and Law at university. After studying History at Albyn our pupils will have a greater ability to comprehend the future which awaits them beyond school.


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