Business Management


Our Business Management course introduces our pupils to the world of business and the important role that it plays in society. By the end of the course, they will have an understanding of business activity with particular reference to the importance of enterprising behaviour in the modern business environment and the main issues currently facing business in Scotland and in the international environment. Pupils develops skills for learning, life and work that will be of instant use in almost any workplace they find themselves in the future.


Business management is taught through a combination of practical and theoretical aspects of business learning and through the use of real-life business contexts. Pupils studied topics such as management of people and finance, management of marketing and operations and both internal and external business environments, looking at the problems organisations may face surrounding these areas and how to avoid or resolve them.


Topics covered in Business Management include:

  • Understanding Business
  • Management of People and Finance
  • Management of Marketing and Operations


Pupils will also take part in many competitions relating to business whilst studying this subject, such as the Real Business Challenge by Coca-cola or the BASE Business Competition hosted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. These competitions give our pupils valuable business experience, whether they are solving problems commonly faced by organisations, or practising essential business skills like teamwork and public speaking. In School there is a weekly Young Enterprise club where groups of pupils will go through the entire process of creating a product, manufacturing it, marketing it and selling it within the Albyn Community.


A large number of Albyn students go on to study business related degrees after school, such as marketing management, financial management and international business. However even if our pupils decide pursue other avenues, an understanding of the business world will always be of value in any industry or in many other aspects of life.


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