Our Biology Department encourage our pupils to embrace their curiosity about the natural world and living organisms, whilst laying down a foundation of knowledge from which pupils can go on to study important disciplines relating to ecology and medicine.


Our teachers teach using practical methods as often as possible to help engage our pupils with the subject and so they can learn real-world scientific skills. Their modules cover a large range of subjects, scaling from the study of microscopic cells and their molecules to the interaction of animals and plants with their living and non-living environment.


Our biology labs are located in our custom built science block and are amply equipped with everything a budding biologist needs, including a Polymerase Chain Reaction and Electrophoresis lab station to investigate DNA. There are a number of animal and plant cultures in the labs used to study life cycles, including fish-filled tropical aquariums, shrimp and other invertebrates and the department also have a garden and wildlife pond. Our pupils regularly travel across Scotland to carryout field work relating to their topics, including a trip to the Glen Garioch Whisky Distillery and a three-day residential trip to Kindrogan Field Studies Centre in Perthshire.


Topics covered in our Biology courses include:

  • Cells
  • Human Body
  • World of Plants
  • Ecosystems and Biodiversity
  • DNA, Proteins and Genetic Engineering
  • Inheritance and Adaptations
  • DNA and the Genome
  • Metabolism and Survival
  • Sustainability and interdependence
  • Organisms and Evolution
  • Investigative Biology


Many Albyn pupils go on to further education studying Biology related degrees, such as biomedical engineering, veterinary medicine and human embryology &  developmental biology. By studying biology at Albyn our pupils develop solid grounding in what we believe to be the fundamentals of the subject from which their future in the scientific field can thrive.


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