Toddler Nursery (Ages 2-3 Years Old)

In the Toddler Nursery we understand how important it is for your child to settle in both quickly and happily soon after they join. We adapt to the specific needs of your child and will give them the level of attention required during their transition into nursery.



Throughout their year in the Toddler Nursery, your child will partake in a wide variety of activities designed to stimulate their imagination and develop key skills. These include; puzzles, arts and crafts, baking, imaginative play, story time and lots of physical activities such as yoga and walks in the park. Once a week the children receive a music lesson from a specialist music teacher and at the end of each term will perform in a musical concert for parents and staff. The children also visit the library in the Lower School on a weekly basis during which they can loan books to take home. Every afternoon there is an opportunity for Sleep Time for children who may need some rest after lunch.


We feel that outdoor play is essential for every child’s development and is an excellent way for your child to get exercise. In our nurseries, your child will have the opportunity to play outside every day either in the rainbow garden, nearby walks and trips to the park. These trips out with the school grounds are under close supervision and only with parental consent.


The food that we offer is both healthy and varied and we are able to cater for a range of dietary requirements. We are very fortunate to have our own in-house catering team who will prepare and make most of the children’s meals and snacks. A typical morning and afternoon snack would include fruit, toast, cereal or pancakes and lunch may be homemade spaghetti  bolognese or breaded fish, all served with seasonal vegetables  followed by jelly or yoghurt for dessert. Our menus are sent home to parents at the beginning of each term.


We are pleased that we can welcome parents back into the building! At pick up time you will be given an update on what your child has been doing that day, what they have eaten and how they are progressing. Parents will receive a weekly email with any news and relevant information to pass on.


Before your child is due to join the Ante Pre-School Nursery in August, they will be carefully prepared for their new social environment through pre-start visits with their classmates. Parents will also be invited along to have a look around and ask the staff any questions that they may have

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