Ante Pre-School (Ages 3-4 Years Old)

In the Ante Pre-School we ensure that the aims of the curriculum are co-ordinated to provide a more challenging environment as we begin preparation for Lower School. We follow the principles from the ‘Curriculum for Excellence’ by using an ‘active’ approach to help your child develop a positive attitude to learning.



In Ante Pre-School your child will get the opportunity to take part in some activities which may be slightly more advanced than in the Toddler Nursery, such as baking, gardening, drama and science time. They will also begin to familiarise themselves with computers and IT by playing games on a PC and using the interactive white board. They will also receive weekly music lessons with specialist teacher, Miss Addison, experience visits to the Lower School Library once a week, and take part in gym time taught by an Upper School PE teacher.

The children will take part in different seasonal activities, crafts and games throughout the year.


As in the Toddler Nursery, our Ante Pre-School children will be encouraged to play outside regularly. The playground acts as an extension of the classroom, featuring a wet wall, ‘fairy garden’ and games which provide your child with many opportunities to learn as they play. With parental consent, your child will take trips to the theatre, have forest adventures, train journeys and visits to nearby castles and museums, all while enjoying a delicious ice cream or two!


Snacks and lunch options are similar to the offerings in the Toddler Nursery (see previous page) and all made by our in-house catering team. The children will receive a snack in the morning consisting of fresh fruit, toast and cereal, lunch which will be a hot, homemade meal such as beef lasagne or a filled baked potato all including seasonal veg, followed by banana bread or yoghurt. An afternoon snack may include hummus and bread sticks or homemade fruit cake. There is a homemade soup alternative each day.  Menus will be emailed to parents at the beginning of each term.  The children are given responsibilities during snack times such as helping to set the table and to clear away their plates to teach good manners and positive attitudes towards food.


We are so pleased to be able to welcome parents back into the building! At pick up time, you will be given an update on what your child has been doing that day, what they have eaten and how they are progressing daily. Parents will receive a weekly email with any news and relevant information to pass on.

You will also have the opportunity to book time with your child’s key worker at various times throughout the year to discuss your child’s progress in greater detail.


From April to June, Pre-School staff will spend time in the Ante Pre-School class, meeting and interacting with your child in order to ease the transition from one to another. Groups of children will also visit the Pre-School on a weekly basis. In addition, the Ante Pre-School and Pre-School will join together for assemblies and music sessions.

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"In the nurseries PE and music are taught by Albyn's Upper School teachers.”

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