Visitor – Andrew Fowler from Sustain Energy Ed

Yesterday our Upper 3 Engineering Science pupils were visited by Andrew Fowler from Sustain Energy Ed - an inclusive sustainable energy education wider achievement programme for pupils and students.

Andrew is an experienced industry professional engineer and project manager who is passionate about teaching young people about sustainable energy.

Andrew, who had also been in last Thursday, covered a lot of information with our pupils over the two visits, including the various different types of renewable energy and the many benefits it has over non-renewable energy sources. He also explained to them the background theory on wind turbine design, giving examples of local projects.

Andrew also led a practical lesson in which groups of pupils tested a variety of different wind turbines. They measured the power output, wind speed and blade radius, and then calculated the overall efficiency of each one. Not only did pupils learn how wind turbines worked but by comparing the measurements of the different models they began to appreciate the different design elements which impacted the performance output.

The whole class really enjoy Andrew’s lesson and we hope to be part of an inter school competition he is currently developing which will see senior pupils investigate and evaluate a safe community sustainable energy scheme.

Pupil quotes:

“I enjoyed testing the mini turbines and it was interesting to see just how much the angle of the blades affected the performance.”

“It was a great experience to learn about renewables from someone who has worked in engineering.”

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