UKMT / FMSP Senior Team Maths Challenge National Final

On Tuesday 6th February 4 pupils and Mr Dow headed down to London to take part in the UKMT/FMSP Senior Team Maths Challenge National Finals, held in Lindley Hall.

Oisin Lyons, Daniel Bates, Sam Kelso and Harry Yuan competed against 86 other teams in the following five rounds:

  • Poster Competition
  • Group competition (whole team work on ten different questions in any order for 40 mins)
  • Crossnumber (work in pairs where one pair does the across solutions and the other does the down ones at the same time)
  • Shuttle (consists of 4 rounds) ( Work in pairs where one pairs answer is key for the following question to be solved)
  • Relay – work in pairs and one pair works on a question and once solved they run to the teacher, get it checked, then pass the next question onto the other pair who are sitting at the other side of the hall.

Although they did not place on this occasion, it was the first time that Albyn School had been to the national finals in this competition and we are extremely proud of how far through the competition they got! Well done!

“I am happy with how the boys rose to the challenges this competition had. They gave a very good account of themselves, and put in lots of their own time to research the topic of the mathematics of bell ringing which was given to them. I have no doubt that they have learned a lot from this experience and they are already asking about getting started with practice for next year.”  – Mr Dow



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