Skype Interview with Former President of France François Hollande

Yesterday, Albyn and Total French School pupils were honoured to be given the opportunity to interview former President of France, François Hollande via Skype as part of a project they are working on called ‘Memoires et Fraternisation’.

They also interviewed Scottish actor Gary Lewis who featured in the movie ‘Joyeux Noël’, released in 2005 depicting the Christmas truce which happened during WW1, followed by a Q&A session with Professor Thomas Weber, Chair in History & International Affairs at the University of Aberdeen


Coordinator of the project, Professor Richert of the Total French School within Albyn, explains what the ‘Memoires et Fraternisation’ project is about:

“Our establishment (Total French School-MLF) has obtained the “Centenary” French label of the Centenary Mission of the First World War, a guarantee of quality that guarantees our project has been recognized as innovative, structuring and original. It is on the French official national program of commemorations.


Our educational project aims to involve students from different European nationalities present in our school (Albyn School) around the theme of fraternization during the First World War. The aim is to identify and explain the past and current memory issues related to episodes of fraternization through the eyes of this European youth.


The final rendering will be a live radio program the 7th of May prepared, animated and edited by the students. Former French President François Hollande, two prestigious historians R.Cazals (France) and T.Weber (Germany) and the Irish author Don Mullan participate in this project.


The opportunity to work in an international school allowed me to work with students of different nationalities, cultures and sensibilities.


The theme of fraternisation during the First World War is a particularly interesting subject to deal with in this European educational context. The students showed a real enthusiasm and curiosity for this theme. I also wanted to show through this theme that youth is the pillar of a united Europe and that it has a fundamental role in the defense of universal humanist values.


The participation of former French President François Hollande was an extremely intense moment this morning for the students and the entire audience in the Albyn School auditorium. He brought an extraordinary dimension to our project and we thank him very much for the quality of his explanations.


French student Zoe R (U5F) and British Bahar G (U5D) did a great job of preparing questions and interviewing him.


I thank all the participants of this project, starting with the students and our exceptional guests today – the former French President Francois Hollande, the Scottish actor Gary Lewis and the historian Thomas Weber of the University of Aberdeen.”


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