Scottish Schools Laser Run Time Trials

Last Sunday Albyn pupils travelled down to Stirling to take part in the 2nd Laser Run Time Trials for the Scottish Rankings for Scottish Selection in August.  There were lots of great performances form our pupils and even some personal best times despite many tired legs from competing at the Scottish Schools Championships on the Saturday and Sunday. See the results below:

U12’s Boys
2nd Alex A (L7b)

U12’s Girls
3rd Sophia L (L5b) 4.37

U14’s Boys
1st Rhys C (U1S) 4.40
2nd Finn B (U1D) 4.56
4th Owen A (U2G) 6.09

U16’s Boys
1st Kai C (U3S) 4.13
4th Finlay C (U3F) 4.53
5th Dylan D (U3D) 5.15

U16’s Girls
2nd Charlotte N (U3F) 5.01
3rd Jess C (U4D) 5.07
6th Taya B (U3D) 5.55
9th Camille N (U3F) 6.17

(Personal bests from all girls)

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