Lower 6/7 Hockey News

The L6/7 Hockey Team took on RGC at the weekend.

Although we conceded a few goals in the first half the girls were able to defend well and keep a clean sheet in the second half. A strong half time talk allowed us to focus on getting the ball into space and setting up our defensive strategy as quickly as we could. Pitch Princess was jointly awarded to Nuala W and Tiana M for their excellent efforts in defence. Well done.

Another L6/7 Hockey Team took on RGC at the weekend. The girls had some lovely runs down the line and passed well to each other across the pitch. The girls also worked hard on their defensive strategy – something they wanted to improve on this year. The girls took the lead with a joint goal from Emma C and Anna C. RGC were strong in the second half and managed to score which resulted in a 1-1 final score. Pitch Princess was awarded to Anna C for her excellent work ethic in midfield.

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