Lower 1 Science Lesson – Oobleck

Today our Lower 1’s visited our Upper School Science Labs to learn how to make oobleck with Miss Main as part of their class topic ‘Senses’.

Oobleck is a substance made from cornflour and water (and in this experiment, food colouring) which acts as a liquid that can be poured, but also a solid when force is applied to it. The pupils had lots of fun and got very messy making their oobleck, and were excited to see the results of their experiment. They also carried out other senses experiments which demonstrated how we use multiple senses to be able to make inferences on the world around us. These included working out which senses best help us to determine the temperature of water, and also an experiment where pupils had to guess which tub contained salt and which contained sand without looking.


The pupils loved being in the labs and learning about science!

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