Literary and Debating Society – Clan Debate

This lunch the Literary and Debating Society held a Clan Debate which discussed the topic 'Brexit will be good for Britain'.

Each clan had two representatives, with Douglas and Gordon presenting propositions, and Forbes and Stuart presenting oppositions. Each speaker had 4 minutes to deliver their points, being marked on their reasoning & evidence, expression & delivery and quality of response by our three judges, Dr Long, Mr Ward and Mr Davies.

Key points were discussed on both sides regarding sovereignty, economy and immigration, with all participants presenting confidently and well-prepared.

As often the case in these debates, it was tough for our judges to choose a winner, however on this occasion it was decided that Clan Gordon where the overall victors. Alexander Anderson (U5S) was named best speaker.


1st place – Clan Gordon: Natallia Mudkavi (U3) & Stephanie Walker (U5)

2nd place – Clan Stuart: Peter McPherson (U3) & Alexander Anderson (U5)

3rd place – Clan Douglas: Liam Hayes (U5) & Dylan Watt (U1)

4th place – Clan Forbes: Joshua Otakoro (U4) & Theo Goke-Dabiri (U1)







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