Forbes Football Tournament – Message from Mr Blancke

I am delighted to announce the winners of the Forbes Football tournament. 

But before I do, I would like to take the opportunity to thank all those who participated and give special mention to Lauren Dunhill, who has been an outstanding Clan Leader since the very start of the year, the staff who volunteered to give of there time; Mr Martin, Mr Dow, Mr Lammont, Mr Wilkie, and especially Mr Yeates who has supported every single match.  We have raised a total of £58.58 for the Alfie Milne trust (who raise awareness and support for those that are suffering with a rare condition called Lymphangiomatosis). 

The undisputed reigning 5-a-side football champions of Albyn School 2018 are the U1 boys team consisting of Lloyd Sharp, Connor Sibbald, Jez Durward, Timi Fatona and Dylan Watt who managed to beat U2 and U6 teams.  Our very close runners up are a last minuted mixed team consisting of Charlotte and Camille Narducci, Emma Hardy, Jocelyn Liu and Yavi Pilai.

 Player of the tournament = Camille Narducci!

Have a great holiday everyone!

Mr Blancke  


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