Blindfolded Basketball

On Friday the 2nd of February, as part of our National 5 PE course, my class and I were tackling communication in basketball.

Our first task was to try and score a free throw blindfolded. I guided my partner, Mathew Riddell, into scoring by giving him pointers such as ‘aim more to the left’ and ‘put more power into the shot’. Our next and final task was challenging. We had to score a lay up, dribble to the net, take two steps and shoot, blindfolded. Mathew and I managed to find a rhythm to taking the lay up. I would guide him by counting the number of steps he was taking whilst dribbling and once he had taken 7-8, he would take his two big steps and shoot. It was a thrilling feeling when Mathew scored and definitely showcases the hard work Miss Innes and my class put in to our National 5 course.

Written by Easy Ajayi U3D

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