Animal Farm – Interview with Cast Members Jennifer McClung and Emmah Chibesakunda

Since the start of the new year, the cast of this years drama performance, 'Animal Farm', have been busy rehearsing in preparation for their shows on 22nd and 23rd of February.

We caught up with two of the cast members to find out a little more about them and to hear what the show has in store for us!


What is your name and year group and which character do you play?

Jennifer McClung U3D – Storyteller
Emmah Chibesakunda U3F – Storyteller


In three words, describe your character?

JM – Spy, detached, lurking.
EC – Mystical, sympathetic.


Without giving too much away about the show, how do you think people will feel after seeing this performance?

JM – Moved and enlightened.
EC – Moved, knowledgeable, revolutionised!


What do you enjoy most about drama?

JM – The ability to be creative and make the character your own.
EC – Being creative and a part of a cast family.


How do you deal with nerves before going on stage?

JM – [I] channel those nerves and change them into feelings of excitement.
EC – Breathe, get over it!


How did you become involved with acting?

JM – I’ve always had a passion for being on stage and creating new characters and plot lines.
EC – When I was around 5 [years old], I liked singing and got into musical theatre.


Who would be your dream character to play?

JM – Aaron Burr from Hamilton
EC – Angelica Schuyler from Hamilton


Who is your favourite actor/actress?

JM – Zac Efron or Martin Freeman
EC – Julie Andrews


What makes your version of Animal Farm different?

JM – It applies a deeper and more symbolic take on the play, with mimed movement and facial expressions.
EC – The characters, costumes and moment are more human than animals.


Come along and see ‘Animal Farm’ on 22nd or 23rd February 2018 in the School’s Centenary Hall. Tickets on sales soon!

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