Lower 7 – Transition to Upper School


Lower 7 is one of our main entry points into the Upper School and due to high demand, we move from 2 classes per year group to 3 classes.  Lower 7 pupil’s day ends at 3:55pm, same time as the pupils in the Upper School. This extra time allows Lower 7 pupils to get additional time for specialist subjects alongside their core subjects and gets them used to the later finishing time.


The curriculum includes:

  • Bloom’s Taxonomy using a range of novels and short stories
  • Comprehension workbooks for secondary level
  • Continued writing skills – creating suspense, newspaper articles, report writing, persuasive writing, letter writing and historical fiction
  • Writing and filming mock news bulletins and documentaries
  • Mathematical problem solving
  • Sequences, formulae, equations, scale drawing and negative numbers
  • Independent research
  • PE, Music, Art, French, Mandarin and Spanish with specialist teachers. L7s join a Games morning with L6.
  • Music and drama is a key part of L7 with every child taking part in a production alongside members of the Scottish Opera as part of their schools programme.


Topics covered:

  • ‘Space Explorers’
  • ‘World War II’
  • ‘Mapping Skills’


Trips and activities:

  • Techfest
  • The Cosmic Dome
  • Lego Mindstorms
  • World War II walk
  • World War II workshop
  • Work War II evacuation experience
  • Residential trip to Normandy in France where pupils get an opportunity to visit the sites associated with D-Day, experience French cuisine, visit Mont St Michel and try out some of the French they have been learning since L3.

*The topics, trips and activities may change from time to time

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"Our pupils grow into individual, enthusiastic, and friendly children who leave Lower School fully prepared for life in the Upper School.”

- Admissions