Lower 6


Lower 6 is a core transitional year from middle Lower School to upper Lower School. This is seen both in the expansion of the curriculum and the work expected of our pupils.


Every Wednesday, the Lower 6 pupils have a later day that finishes at 3:55pm in order to have a specialist drama lesson. The later finishing time will also ease your child into the routine of Lower 7 and upwards where this is the daily finish time.


The curriculum includes:

  • Novel reading
  • Comprehension booklet work targeted towards the year older
  • Advanced level spelling and grammar
  • All pupils take part in the Rotary Young Writer competition
  • Developed mental arithmetic
  • Fractions, decimals and percentages
  • The use of compasses and protractors to measure angles and draw shapes
  • Introduction of data handling frequency tables, pictographs and line graphs
  • The able mathematicians attend a Maths challenge class once a week with a member of the Upper School maths department to further develop their problem solving abilities
  • Science, Geography, History and RME taught through the International Primary Curriculum
  • ICT pupils create their own computer codes using Scratch and use all key word processing programs and spreadsheets confidently
  • Music, PE, Art, French, Mandarin and Spanish with specialist teachers
  • Some of the pupils’ IPC learning is taught in French or Spanish to give a deeper linguistic understanding and to create a context for language learning
  • Music and drama is a key part of L6 with every child taking part in a production alongside members of the Scottish Opera as part of their schools programme.
  • Every other year there is an opportunity for L6 and L7 pupils to be part of a Lower School Musical production if they choose to do so.


Topics covered:

  • ‘The Victorians’
  • ‘Go with the Flow’
  • ‘Fairgrounds’


Trips and activities:

  • A Victorian trail
  • Experiencing a Victorian school
  • Haddo House
  • Cadonas Amusement Park
  • Residential trip to Edinburgh visiting key landmarks, encompassing parts of the History and Geography covered during the year
  • 2 nights
  • Residential trip to Alltnacriche near Aviemore to participate in outdoor activities
  • 4 nights

*The topics, trips and activities may change from time to time

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"We teach a broad range of sports in Lower School to allow your child the opportunity to discover a sport they are good at and enjoy.”

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