In a world that is ever-changing, we believe that a well-rounded education gives our pupils the best start to preparing for their future, now. We also want our pupils to have a healthy balance between a love for learning and curiosity beyond the classroom.

With that in mind, we introduced the Albyn Curriculum Enrichment Programme.  This takes a head, heart and hand approach to learning and involves the following types of activities:

  • Extension of Academics – Logical thinking, problem solving, poetry and prose, computer coding, science/technology (These academic activities will not compromise the everyday learning through the curriculum)
  • Active Living – Sport and health/fitness related activities i.e. golf, badminton, netball
  • Skills for Life – Cooking, gardening, bikeability
  • Community – Local history, VSA work
  • Arts – Crafts, musical theatre
    *These activities are age dependent and are subject to change

These additional lessons will vastly differ from your child’s day-to-day learning and will provide a richer educational experience which will have a cumulative impact over their years in the Albyn Lower School. Pupils will have a choice in which activities they would like to take part in and they will still have an opportunities to take part in co-curricular activities at break and lunchtimes.


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