We are delighted to welcome pupils, staff and families of the TOTAL French School to Albyn School following a successful amalgamation of both schools over summer 2018.

The TOTAL French School was founded in 1972-73 after the oil company TOTAL contacted the Mission Laïque Française to entrust the opening and management of a school to meet the needs of its employee’s families who had relocated from France to Aberdeen.

The TOTAL Oil Marine School, later known as the TOTAL French School was established in the grounds of Aberdeen Grammar School and registered with Education Scotland. Originally intended solely for the employees of Total, entry was subsequently broadened to families wishing their children to follow a curriculum that mirrored the French school system.

In August 2018, the French School relocated to Albyn School. Here families can choose either to study Albyn School’s existing curriculum leading to a mix of National 5, GCSE, Highers and A Levels or alternatively to follow a hybrid curriculum. Qualified teachers employed by MLF and trained in France deliver French, History, Geography and Mathematics together with citizenship through the French language medium while other subjects are taught in English by Albyn School’s own teachers.

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"• Dedicated teachers who are willing to give up their free time to provide extra help and support. ”

- Anouk U5