The Albyn Foundation


We believe our pupils at Albyn deserve the best education possible and to that end we have set up The Albyn Foundation.


Albyn School has always given meaningful and proactive help to parents of able children who cannot otherwise afford our fees, but in these difficult financial times we are determined to do even more so.


The Albyn Foundation is a registered charitable company that has been established to raise funds for pupils at Albyn School where we are seeking to make the School a better place for its pupils and to widen access to the School. We are mindful that parents of pupils already in the Lower or Upper School might also need help in exceptional financial circumstances and your support will help us to ensure that critically affected pupils can finish their time at Albyn. The monies raised will also help to finance the best possible facilities for Albyn School’s pupils.


The Albyn Foundation is currently raising funds in order to:

  • Help pupils complete their education at Albyn should families experience unexpected financial hardship due to circumstances such as bereavement or illness.
  • Provide free places or substantive fee reductions for able pupils who could not otherwise afford the fees.
  • Enhance the School’s Facilities.



Financial aid has been donated towards our bursary scheme and has helped many pupils join and continue their education at Albyn. These pupils have worked exceptionally hard and received places at top universities. Many of these pupils have expressed that had it not been for their supported education they would not have had the same opportunities and we are extremely grateful for those who contributed to this. Career paths of these pupils have included medicine, engineering and maths at some of the UK’s top universities.


School Facilities

The School has been able to introduce Engineering Science thanks to a very generous donation by the Wood Foundation. This donation enabled us to build a state of the art Engineering Science Centre consisting of a classroom to teach theory and design and a workshop for practical implementation. The classroom is fitted with top of the range computers complete with standard issue CAD software for pupils to create designs which can then be made in the workshop using specialist machinery. The centre also offers the opportunity for pupils to learn and practice topics such as pneumatics, soldering, 3D printing and investigation of complex electrical and mechanical systems.


The Albyn School Parents Association (ASPA) has contributed greatly to the Foundation and has provided the School with many facilities including a grand piano that sits proudly in the FP Centenary Hall.


We are very thankful to those who have already contributed to the Albyn Foundation and will always welcome those who would like to find out more about the great opportunities this foundation can provide for our pupils. Please contact for more information.


We want Albyn to become a better place for your children to learn and play. We believe that your children deserve the best. With your support, we can achieve that vision.


 Registered as a Charity in Scotland No 039894. Albyn Foundation Ltd, Registered in Scotland No 348754


Get In Touch

If you have any questions about our admissions process or would like to find out more about Albyn School, we would love to hear from you so please get in touch.

"Charity work is an important aspect of life at Albyn School. Through giving back to our society our pupils learn humbleness and gratitude.”

- Admissions