Welcome to the French School Tour!

In August 2018, the French School relocated to Albyn School. Here families can choose either to study Albyn School’s existing curriculum leading to a mix of National 5, GCSE, Highers and A Levels or alternatively to follow a hybrid curriculum. Qualified teachers employed by MLF and trained in France deliver French, History, Geography and Mathematics together with citizenship through the French language medium while other subjects are taught in English by Albyn School’s own teachers.

The School

The French Hybrid Curriculum 

Have a read of the information in the link below for more information about the curriculum. To make your way back to this Virtual Tour page, click on the Our Community tab in the menu bar.

French Hybrid Curriculum

Have a watch of this fantastic video of Soren and Charles in Upper 4 and Lower 5 who will tell you about the French Hybrid Curriculum, how they settled in when they started at Albyn two years ago and some information about the teaching they have experienced so far 🙂

How to get in touch

To arrange a Zoom call with a member of staff please email admissions@albynschool.co.uk with the following information:

  • Your and your child’s name
  • You child’s date of birth
  • Which year of entry for your child
  • Subjects they are currently studying
  • Preferred member if staff to speak with (if you have one)
  • Questions you would like to have answered
  • Availability to arrange the Zoom call

Our admissions team will contact you as soon as possible to arrange the Zoom call.

Get In Touch

If you have any questions about our admissions process or would like to find out more about Albyn School, we would love to hear from you so please get in touch.

"When choosing Albyn School you can be reassured by the fact that we have been successfully educating young people for 150 years.”

- Dr Long, Headmaster