Welcome to the Lower School Virtual Tour!

Thank you for registering to join this tour of the Lower School. Even though we can’t physically welcome you to the school, we hope you are able to gain a good insight of what we can offer your child from these videos!

Firstly, Lower 7 pupils, Jack and Esther will take you on a tour around the Lower School, then you will hear from the Head and Deputy Head of the Lower School, Mr Davies and Miss Brown about the life of the school. There are links provided to find out more information regarding the curriculum, year groups and pastoral care.

You will find information near the bottom of the page on how to arrange a one-on-one zoom conversation with a member of our admissions team, Mr Davies, Miss Brown or another member of our staff.

* Our pupils and staff adhere to the social distancing regulations

* There are hand sanitising stations in every classroom and across the school.

The School Virtual Tour

Lower 7s Jack and Esther will now take you on a tour of the Lower School.


The School Video

Welcome from Staff

In the videos below, you will have the chance to hear from Mr Davies, Head of the Lower School and Miss Zibby Brown, Deputy Head of the Lower school in the videos below. Here, you will find out more about life in the Lower school, the curriculum, activities and trips.

Mr Davies, Head of the Lower School and Miss Zibby Brown, Deputy Head of the Lower School


More Information

We would like to provide you with as much information as possible so you will be redirected to other locations on this website. To make your way back, click on the Our Community tab in the menu bar.

Below, you will find out information on different year groups and what they include, pastoral care and After School Club information.

Year Groups

To read about specific year group information for Lower 1 – Lower 7, click below:

Year Groups

Pastoral Care

We take pride in how strong our pastoral care is at Albyn School.

Pastoral Care

After School Club

After School Club


Life in the Lower School

Here are a few short videos for you to watch 🙂 We hope you enjoy!

How to get in touch

To arrange a Zoom call with a member of staff please email admissions@albynschool.co.uk with the following information:

  • Your and your child’s name
  • You child’s date of birth
  • Which year of entry for your child
  • Preferred member if staff to speak with (if you have one)
  • Questions you would like to have answered
  • Availability to arrange the Zoom call

Our admissions team with contact you as soon as possible to arrange the Zoom call.

Get In Touch

If you have any questions about our admissions process or would like to find out more about Albyn School, we would love to hear from you so please get in touch.

"When choosing Albyn School you can be reassured by the fact that we have been successfully educating young people for 150 years.”

- Dr Long, Headmaster